Only in Arkansas…

My dad wrote the following email and gave me permission to post it here.  (Our family originally hails from the South):

What [your aunt] calls “the Memphis factor” is much too widespread to be identified with only that city.  However, I do believe it’s especially evident in the South.  A good example occurred yesterday when a friend of a friend here in Little Rock had a “going away” party for a lady in her office.  One of their supervisors called the Little Rock Wal-Mart and ordered the cake.

He told them to write:

“Best Wishes Suzanne” and underneath that write “We will miss you”.

The attached picture shows how the cake turned out..

I’ll spare you my analysis.

 Arkansas Cake

2 thoughts on “Only in Arkansas…

  1. jaime

    Seriously, that is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while! I can’t believe anyone would REALLY be that dense, though. Kinda sad.

  2. chris Post author

    Good stuff, huh? I think a lot of Arkansas jokes are over the top, but they aren’t helping themselves with things like this. (And again, I can say that because I was born about 3 hours from Little Rock.)

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