sMOOth operator

Every month at our mission base, we have a big birthday party to celebrate all the people who have birthdays that month.  The parties are wild affairs, usually involving costumes and crazy games and contests.  In the spirit of good fun, I usually put some work into my costume for each month’s party.  This surprises some people.  Apparently, I come across as the serious type, supposedly not given to much silliness.

So for our September birthday party we had a hoedown–the type of thing that often happens in a barn, if I’m not mistaken.  I, therefore, dressed up as a cow.  Not just any cow, but a cool cow.  Here are some pictures:

sMOOth operator

     Today’s marketing is all about choice…

We were broken up into teams for this party, and one of the contests we had was to put together some sort of a skit themed according to our team’s costumes.  On my team we had a couple of guys who are pretty good rappers, so we did a rap about a backwoods Arkansas cow that moved to L.A. and turned into a gangsta in the ‘hood.  The best part was that the cow became a Christian, too, so it started doing cool stuff like giving its milk away.  It was good stuff; we had a fun time with it.  Bet you’ve never seen a cow do the ‘worm’ before!

(Bonus: Two points for anyone who can leave a comment correctly explaining what’s wrong with my costume.)

8 thoughts on “sMOOth operator

  1. chris Post author

    Those are a couple of good guesses. You might have a point about the legs, but that’s not the one I’m looking for.

    It is true that we often think of cows as having either horns or an udder but not both, but here in Oaxaca we see plenty of them that have both. So that’s not the one I’m looking for either.

    Glad you liked the udder. The whole night I was trying to figure out why little kids don’t look at real cows and have the same irresistable urge to squeeze them as they did with me.

    Good guessing, keep trying…

  2. dennisleake

    The position of the ears and the horns are reversed. And of course, most cows don’t wear shades…except the ones that hire themselves out as models for the “Eat More Chicken” billboards.

  3. chris Post author

    Yep, there’s the one I was looking for. I wasn’t sure which should be on top until I looked at our neighbor’s cow the day after the party. Sure enough, the horns are on top, with the ears below. So you can score yourself two points, nice job.

    I’ve been in touch with Chick-Fil-A about a possible contract…

  4. dennisleake

    I confess. I cheated by asking a co-worker of mine who owns a cow. In order to provide milk for his family of eight, he begins and ends each day with “Blue Bell”. Being very familiar with cow parts, he spotted the problem right away. So the proper credit and two bonus points go to Phil Krause of Little Italy, Arkansas.

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