We baptized another new believer!

“Juan” was just baptized this morning by two members of our church planting team, Tino and Chino. He is a guy who has been coming to the English classes taught by a couple of our church planters. In the context of the class, Tino began having opportunities to share with him. When it became evident that Juan was open spiritually, Tino started meeting with him outside of class and sharing more. Now Juan has made the decision to give his life to Christ.

I’m excited about the way things worked out, because Tino got to know Juan while teaching English classes, which is Tino’s “job”. We want to minister in a way that is easily reproduced by our Mexican disciples. It is not likely that many, if any, of them will ever have full-time clergy positions. They will have to find ways to make disciples while working their normal jobs. When a guy like Juan sees that Tino was able to reach him at work, then it will help him have the confidence to reach people at work, also.

Praise God! Please pray for Juan’s spiritual growth and protection in these infant stages of his new life in Christ.

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