Random thoughts from the Houston airport

It’s been, what, a week and a half since I’ve posted?  That’s kind of the way the past couple of weeks have been; I’ve been really busy.  They have also been a couple of the most difficult weeks in recent memory.  I’ll try and explain more in another post.

I’m quickly realizing that I don’t have nearly enough time to blog all the things that I want to blog.  I’d say I have a couple of good ideas a day of things I would like to share, but too many other priorities keep me from writing the posts I would like to.  It’s kind of hard to decide which posts to write.  The ones I most want to write are often ones that would take more time, so it’s easy to just write the posts I can get up more quickly.

I’m traveling right now…our family just flew up to the U.S. this morning from Mexico City.  Erin and the girls are now driving to see some friends in Texas, while I’m getting ready to fly to Tampa, FL and drive back a minivan we bought.  We spent the last couple of days in Mexico City just relaxing and seeing some things.  It was pretty cool.  I took a few good photos, but then realized that we did not bring the computer cable for the camera.  So I guess it’ll be a few days before I can get photos on the blog…

Then I was planning on taking some photos of my road trip from Tampa back to Houston, but I just realized I forgot to get the camera from Erin.  Rats!  A picture is worth a thousand words, and it seems I’m having trouble sitting down to write a thousand words about all the different things we’ve seen.

Stinkin’ Broncos.  I hate it when I have to wait a whole nother offseason for a shot at a return to glory.  As a Bronco fan, you start the season so hopeful, and then this…It’s especially painful as I’m sitting here in Houston, the city where just a few days ago they had their playoff hopes dashed.  I just got caught up reading Andrew Mason’s blog, the editor of the Broncos news, so that didn’t help.  Reading the fans’ comments, it looks like everyone is pretty optimistic about next season, and I am too, but that’s just the problem–I was optimistic about this season, too.  The offseason just seems so long when your team hasn’t lived up to expectations…

About the expression ‘a whole nother’…How on earth are you supposed to write that?  I say it all the time, but it sure looks bad when its written.

Well, it looks like that’s about all the random thoughts I can fit in for now, because we’ll be boarding in a few minutes.  So until the next one, I’m signing off.

Maybe next season, Broncos…yeah, next season will be better…Cutler will be an All-Pro, we won’t have so many injuries, we’ll fill in holes in the offensive line, a couple good new players on defense, maybe the defensive line will finally be good like we say every year.  Oh, and hopefully special teams won’t be so atrocious.  Yep, next year will be better!  Just over seven months until training camp starts…

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