Let’s stop planting sterile churches!

I came across this great article by Carol Davis, entitled Let’s Stop Planting Sterile Churches, via Guy Muse’s blog.  In it, Carol talks about the difference between church growth and church reproduction.  In Manila, Philippines, she noticed that some churches were planted quickly, always produced their own leadership, were never dependent on outside funds, and always reproduced.  Other churches, by contrast, were planted slowly, were dependent on outside help, never reproduced, and could never produce their own leadership.  Why is this so?  I’ll let you read her article for the answers.  It’s not too lengthy, and well worth the time.

Here are a couple of excerpts:

Now I have a very simple mind. I knew that anything that was alive was reproducing. It is a natural thing for trees and plants to drop their seeds and spontaneously spring up. We don’t try to have babies, we try to not have babies. In fact, if an organism does not reproduce, we say it is sick, dead or sterile…

…The second thing Charles told me was, “I never do anything that a one-week-old Christian can’t do. If I preached like I did in my home church they would think they couldn’t carry the gospel until they had my skills, my abilities, my training. If I prayed like I did in my home church they would think they couldn’t talk with God until they had words and phrases like mine. I don’t bring a worship leader because if I did they would think they couldn’t worship God until they had someone trained.

“Everything they see me do, they can do. Sometimes I don’t get back to the area for several weeks. But since they didn’t know they couldn’t do it, they went and told their cousin in another area and they already had another group started.”

That’s simplicity. We have made things so complex and required so much training…

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