Summer internships – looking for a few good men!

GFM is looking for a few guys who would like to have an adventurous summer serving God on the foreign mission field.  Do you know a solid Christian guy between the ages of 18 to 25 who would be interested in joining us this summer?  Are you one yourself?  Anyone interested can check out the summer internship pages on the GFM website to get more information.

Missions Extreme interns get a great taste of “real life” missions as they work alongside our church planting team for the summer, doing the types of things our team does throughout the year (some of the stuff I write about on this blog).  It’s a great opportunity for lots of interaction with the local people while being mentored by full time field missionaries.

Global Adventures interns have a blast helping us host teams that come down for 10-day mission trips.  They get to make lasting investments in the lives of the trip participants, while also having plenty of interaction with the locals during outreaches.

A summer internship was how Erin and I first got involved with GFM 6.5 years ago, and I have now been overseeing them for the past 3 years.  I can confidently say that for many people they are absolutely life-changing experiences.

We still have a couple of slots available for girls, too, but those ones are going fast.  If you know anyone who would be a good candidate, send them our way!

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