India, Day 2–April 18

Today was a busy day as we met with five different workers here in India. We met with 3 Indian nationals and 2 Americans. They were good meetings and very informative, as we got different perspectives on where the greatest need is in India and how Westerners may be able to fit into God’s kingdom work here. We’re fairly tired, but having a good trip.

Tomorrow morning we catch a 7:30 train to Chandigarh, where we plan to stay for a day and a half and hope to meet with a couple more workers. It’s about a 3.5 hour train ride north of Delhi.

Here are a few photos from today:

Today we had a couple of meetings in south Delhi. The south side of town has miles of several-story condos packed together.

The swastika, it turns out, is a symbol of prosperity in India, so you see it all over the place.

The standard toilet in India is the squatty potty. If you haven’t used one before, they’re good fun.

The national currency of India is the rupee. The current exchange rate is about 40 rupees to 1 U.S. dollar. Mohatma Ghandi’s picture is on the front of all the bills.

I figured I’d better get a photo of myself on here sometime. Behind me are a couple of camels and elephants that were walking down the highway this evening.

I don’t know what our internet situation will be in Chandigarh, but I’ll post again whenever I can. Later from India…

8 thoughts on “India, Day 2–April 18

  1. chris Post author

    I’m looking into it. The problem is I’m carrying on everything on the plane and they don’t fit very well into the overhead compartments.

  2. Jason.Barnett

    What about a baby camel?…you know…one that is orphaned so it would be ok to bring it back :) The spanish brought horses to mexico, you can bring camels.

  3. chris Post author

    There you go! Although, I’m thinking more along the lines of a baby water buffalo. There are more of those where we are right now. The water buffalo produce lots of dung, and it’s useful for all kinds of things.

  4. Jason.Barnett

    All that comes to mind when I hear Water Buffalo is a Veggie Tales song from back in the day, “Everybody Wants A Water Buffalo”

  5. chris Post author

    Jason: Being here in northern India, you would think that Larry was exactly right in saying everybody has a water buffalo!

    Chino: I had a very cultural bathroom experience today. I’ll have to tell you about it when I get back.

    Ashley: Welcome to the blog! Yeah, most of the squatties here are pretty advanced. I used a nifty one today that was a combo traditional Western toilet/squatty.

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