No room in the inn

We’re currently on a road trip up to the United States (Idaho, to be exact), and then I will be leaving for India in about a week and a half. Yesterday, we drove up to the U.S. border and crossed into Texas. We took some photos, which I will get posted as soon as I can.

We had planned to spend the night in McAllen, TX, but since we made good time to the border, we decided to continue on to San Antonio. We rolled into the south end of San Antonio about midnight, exhausted from a very long day of driving and ready to get some rest. I went into a Motel 6 to see what kind of vacancy they had.

“We just have the suite,” the girl at the counter says.

“Okay, how much does that go for?” I asked.

“$299, plus tax.”

“Oookay,” I said, “I think we’ll keep looking.”

I hopped back in the car and commented to Erin how Motel 6 sure seems to be moving up in the world of lodging.

Next stop was the Super 8 Motel across the street.

“Do you have any rooms with 2 double beds available?” I asked the guy.

“Sure, we have one. It’ll run $189 plus tax.”

“Wow!!” I said, wondering what on earth had happened to motel prices while we’ve been in Mexico. “Is that how much they normally run?”

“No, they’re normally about $50, but it’s because of the Final Four.”

Who knew. I haven’t kept up with college basketball at all lately, so I had no idea we would be hitting San Antonio the same weekend the Final Four was hosted there.

Knowing that would be the situation all over town, we continued on to the next town, about 40 miles past San Antonio. When we saw parking lots at the first couple of motels full of motorcycles, I knew we were in trouble. A long search determined that all 9 motels in town were booked completely solid. There was nothing else to do but to keep driving. The next town, another 40 miles up the road, had just one motel, which was also full. They had a sign on the door, though, recommending a Motel 6 ten more miles up the road.

Success! That place had a room free. It was going to be $59 plus tax, but I bargained the guy down a full $5, since it was now 3am our Mexico time, which was actually 4am local time. We got a few decent hours of sleep (Molly’s sickness explosion all over the bathroom notwithstanding), and now we’re ready to hit the road again.

On a side note, when we got into our room, I realized the guy had already been giving me a deal, because this room apparently normally goes for $105 plus tax. Which still leaves me with the question, “What on earth ever happened to Motel 6 being a good deal when you’re traveling?!”