Ways to get around in India

In a motorized rickshaw

In a man-powered rickshaw

On the back of a motorcycle. The women often ride side-saddle

In a horse-drawn cart

Packed into the back of a truck

On the metro

In an old British-style taxi. These are all over the place; remnants of British influence in India.

On a camel

On an elephant

Things to beware of when driving in India:

As in Great Britain, everyone drives on the left side of the road, and the driver’s seat is on the right side of the car.

Because cows are sacred to Hindus, they are allowed to wander wherever the want, including on busy streets.

6 thoughts on “Ways to get around in India

  1. Jason.Barnett

    Do all forms of transportation come standard with AM/FM radio? Good luck on your travels today. If you get a chance, take a pic of the train. I ride the train to downtown LA everyday and I would love to see theirs.

  2. chris Post author

    Hmm, I’m not sure about the radio. I haven’t picked up on that yet. What I have noticed is that people seem to listen to music a lot less here. In Mexico you can’t go anywhere without hearing the radio or something playing, but here you don’t hear much.

    I only got a couple of pictures of the train the other day, and nothing too good, but we have a few more train rides coming and I’ll try and get some better pictures. We’ll be doing a couple of overnight trips in sleeper cabins.

  3. Jason.Barnett

    I may just be rambling…but I do find it always cool how we can talk to each other even though you are currently in India and I in LA.

    Anyways, thanks for the train pics…fingers crossed. Let me know how the sleeper cabins go. That seems interesting.

  4. chris Post author

    I think it’s pretty sweet, too! The sleeper cabin was really comfortable. I got a few pics, but we haven’t had much internet time the last few days. I’ll get some up if I can.

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