Testimony from Student Church Planting Experience (CPX)

This is old, but it was too cool not to share. Jaeson Ma blogged about the Student CPX, a month-long training that took place this summer to equip college students to plant churches on their campuses. Here is an excerpt from his post:

When we first got there we found out the dormitory we were staying at had a horrible history. Over 700 Native American children were starved to death with disease/famine in the basement in relationship to the American government nearly 70 years ago. The first day, our student missionaries were getting sick, doubting their purpose there, others were hearing voices in the hallways and some even encountered evil spirits in the dormitory. We knew it would be a spiritual battle between light and darkness. We had to come in an opposite spirit of faith, hope and love. So we set up a 24-7 prayer room in the dormitory and began prayer watches on the campus…

Keep reading on Jaeson’s blog to hear the outcome.

College students, watch for another Student CPX next summer! If they do one, the only good excuse for not going is that you’re coming to do a summer internship with GFM :)