Martin Luther liked a house church model

This I was interested to learn, since we are finding that simple house church fellowships seem to be an effective model for our work in Mexico. I’m not trumpeting house churches as the only good church model, because it’s clear that God is working through all kinds of models. House churches do have some upside, though.

Check this out:

The following characteristics summarize Luther’s “Order of Divine Service” as to the “how” churches should be organized.

  • Self-organized
  • Home-based
  • Lay led
  • Full sacramental life
  • Stewardship and social ministry
  • Simple catechetical instruction
  • Ideal context for loving accountability after Matthew 18
  • “Form and Order” are not imported but emerge spontaneously from community life.
  • From Tim Thompson via Guy Muse.

    Apparently, Luther would have liked to see things happen this way, but felt at his time that he lacked the necessary leaders and that people weren’t into it. If Luther were alive today, I wonder if he would be trying to lead a reformation in the direction of home fellowships and lay leadership? What do you think?