One year blogging!

This past weeked marked the one-year anniversary of my blog. When I started blogging, I stated 3 reasons for doing it:

  1. To keep a written record of the journey of our church planting team and the things we learn along the way
  2. To better keep in touch with friends and family, giving them a more behind-the-scenes look at our lives and ministry
  3. As an outlet for my growing interest in website development

Twelve months and 110 posts later, I’m pleased at what I have been able to do this past year with the blog. I have been encouraged in communication with folks back in the U.S. at how many of you seem to have a greater understanding of our ministry because of the blog. I am also glad that I have been able to record a number of lessons I learned over the past year.

As I look back on the first year, I would love to be writing a lot more about specific things going on with the church planting ministry, including what we’re trying, what’s working, and what’s failing. Sometimes it’s hard to get it all written down, though.

I didn’t start the blog intending necessarily to be its only author. One of these days it will be cool if Erin gets to post some things, so that you can see more of our lives through her eyes. She has her hands full, though, so I’m not putting any pressure on her.

The blog has certainly provided me a chance to tinker around with a website a little bit, although I wouldn’t mind more time for that, either. At the moment I’m starting to dabble with PHP coding a little bit, hoping to aquire a few skills to better customize our site.

For me, the India trip in April was the high water mark of my blogging this past year. I thoroughly enjoyed posting frequently, sharing lots of photos and insights to what I was experiencing and learning. My readership tripled during that time, and I loved the dialogue I had with different friends through the comments. I hope that over time my day-to-day blogging could look a bit more like what I pulled off while in India. Those two or three weeks were a good representation of what I envisioned a year ago when 520life was born. It was a significant time commitment, however. (If you missed the India posts, you can check them out by clicking through to the India category.)

All in all, blogging has been at least as enjoyable and about as effective as I had hoped it would be. As long as God allows me to continue, I pray He will be glorified through the pages of this website.

Is there certain news you want to hear or a certain topic you would like me to address on this blog? If so, leave a comment below, because I would be interested to know.