Connect with me through Facebook and Twitter

Those viewing the home page of this blog will see I have added buttons at the top of the sidebar allowing you to connect with me through Facebook and Twitter.

I have taken advantage of now having internet service at home to post a handful of Tweets/Facebook status updates each day.  These include prayer requests and little tidbits on things I’m doing and thinking about.  For those who use Facebook or Twitter a lot, it’s a good way to get a more constant stream of updates from us and a better idea of what our day-to-day lives are like.

So if you’re not part of it already, this is your invitation to friend me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter.  We’d love to have you as part of the community!

Note: I have protected my Twitter updates so they’re not visible on the public timeline.  You’ll have to request to follow me, then once I confirm you’re a real person who is interested in our family or our work, I will approve the request.