New call (no pun intended) for help

Okay, here’s the deal: I need a caller ID hacker.  No, this isn’t bad.  I’ll explain why:

In my last post I mentioned I’ve been putting out much more frequent updates on Facebook and Twitter.  I’m getting ready to head to Mexico City tonight to spend a couple of days exploring a business opportunity that could bring some new jobs into our area.  (We’ve been praying a long time for God to bring new jobs here so families wouldn’t be torn apart as husbands move to the U.S. to work and in many cases don’t return.)  While in Mexico City, I would like to have my phone configured such that I can post updates to Twitter and Facebook by sending text messages.

The problem is this: In order to post updates by text message, I have to be able to dial +44 762 4801423 to send them to Twitter.  My phone is an old model that will not let me enter the ‘+’ character at the front of a number I’m dialing.  Without the ‘+’, I can’t send updates from my phone.

I know some of you know how to hack around in caller ID and show your call as coming from whatever number you like.  Could someone please call me phone and show it coming from the number above?  Or it could be from any number, really, just as long as it starts with a ‘+’.  Once I have a number in my phone that starts with ‘+’, I think I can save it as the Twitter number and be good to go.  I hope.

So if anyone is able to help me out and do that today, that would be awesome, and I’ll give you public recognition right here on my blog.  (How’s that for an incentive?)  My cell number is [my number].  To dial it from the U.S., it should be [like this].  Or if that doesn’t work, try doing it [like this].


Update: After trying a host of different things, I couldn’t come up with any way to get a ‘+’ into my phone.  Thanks for everyone who tried to help, including a former MTS student who called me from North Africa!  Chino was the one who came up with the solution, even though we didn’t have the plus sign – turns out that dialing ’00’ is the same as dialing a ‘+’.  Problem solved!

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