Mexico and Mother’s Day

This past Sunday was one of the rare times that Mother’s Day hits on the same day in both the United States and Mexico. The U.S. always celebrates it on a Sunday, while in Mexico it is always on May 10.

In Mexico, Mother’s Day is celebrated in much the same way as in the U.S. People give gifts and flowers to their moms and often prepare special meals or take them out to eat. Many restaurants give moms a free meal on the 10th. Our family enjoyed a nice meal at a restaurant with our upstairs neighbors, who wanted to celebrate with us.

Mother’s Day is a fairly big occasion around here. Here’s what a Mexican shared with me one time about mothers:

Mexico has had a lot of problems with fathers, so Mexicans aren’t as attached to their dads, but boy do they love their moms. Mothers really carry the family in Mexico. Father’s Day isn’t much of a big deal around here, but Mother’s Day is a really big deal. That’s why Mexicans are so attached to the Virgin of Guadalupe (a representation of Mary, the mother of Jesus). Many people have a hard time relating to God the Father, but they feel a strong affinity to the Virgin as mother.

I have observed the above to be true. It provides a real challenge in making disciples of Christ. About a month and a half ago, I visited the Basilica of Guadalupe in Mexico City and was blown away by the devotion of the pilgrims who had come for a blessing.