Be fruitful and multiply

That’s the subject line of an important email from Global Frontier Missions to its supporters.  The ministry announcement, sent Monday, has significant implications for our church planting team.  In case you missed it, allow me to sum up the message in a few points:

  • GFM’s heart is and always has been the least-reached of the entire world.
  • GFM’s mobilization in southern Mexico resulted in a church planting team committed long-term to the work here.  This frees up GFM to relocate its mobilization efforts to the United States, in order to focus on raising up workers for the 10/40 Window.  (The 10/40 Window is the area where 95% of the world’s least-reached people live.)
  • GFM’s leadership team has been asking the question, “What should be our focus?”
  • Our answer is for GFM to dedicate its efforts to mission mobilization for the 10/40 Window.
  • Because this means the work of the Mexico church planting team will not fit directly within the scope of GFM’s ministry, GFM will be commissioning and releasing our team in April, 2010.  We will no longer be under GFM’s covering, but we will continue under the covering of Commission To Every Nation.

The preceding summary is rather matter-of-fact, but much prayer and heartfelt discussion went into the decisions.  Forming two distinct organizations from what has been one is a big step.  We would only be doing this if GFM’s leadership team clearly felt it was God’s direction for all of us, which we do.  The “sending out” of our church planting team will allow us to fully focus on making disciples in Mexico.  It will simultaneously free GFM to dedicate itself to mobilizing missionaries for reaching Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, and atheists.

Our team has been so blessed these past few years by Global Frontier Missions and Grant and Jenn Haynes.  We are honored to be sent out by them.  The passion for the least-reached with which they infected us has brought us to where we are.  We love GFM and will continue collaborating with them as close friends.  The day in April when this change takes effect will be bittersweet indeed.

Being sent out by GFM will in no way change the work our church planting team is doing in southern Mexico. Our purpose is to make reproducing local disciples who multiply themselves to reach the numerous least-reached villages in our region.  In January, Erin and I sensed God leading us to commit to the work here until He makes it clear to us our job is done.  We’re not going anywhere.  Continuing with us on our team are Nick and Sarah, David and Rhonda, Sarah, and Tasha.

If you have questions or would like to know more about this transition, please write me or any other GFM leadership team member.  I would be happy to dialog and to send you a copy of GFM’s announcement.  The announcement has a Q and A section at the bottom that includes answers to the following questions:

  • Will I still be able to be involved in the work in southern Mexico, even though it will no longer have the GFM name on it?
  • What about the GFM base down there?
  • Will any opportunity exist for mission trips to Mexico with you all in the future?

We love all of you in our ministry family!  We look forward to continuing to share the work here with you, and we covet your prayers for both our team and for GFM in this time of transition.