Prayers for bringing the truck home

Thanks to all who have prayed throughout our process of raising funds and finding a truck to buy to pull our well drilling rig. We were able to buy a good truck in Texas and have spent the last few days fixing it up in preparation for driving it back to Mexico. Tomorrow morning we plan to to arrive at the border, legalize the car, and then be on our way home. We would sincerely appreciate you keeping the following things in prayer this weekend:

  • Pray for favor with the customs officials we’ll be working with to legalize the car. Pray they charge reasonable tax rates and the legalization process goes quickly and smoothly.
  • Pray for divine protection as we drive home, especially in passing through the border states that have had lots of drug violence. The cartels like strong trucks (like ours) and have been known to hijack them. Pray we would pass through without any attention from them and that the truck would run well all the way back home to southern Mexico.

Thanks so much for your prayers! We appreciate your partnership in the things God is doing among the indigenous of Mexico.