Our Ministry

The state where we live is home to the largest concentration of “people groups” (or ethnic groups) in all of the Americas—at least 155 different indigenous tribes. Hundreds of villages in the area are unreached with the Gospel, meaning they have no self-sustaining indigenous church capable of evangelizing the rest of the population.

The goal of our ministry is to plant simple, reproducing churches in our centrally-located market town. These fellowships, in turn, are in an excellent position to make disciples in the many mountain villages in the area that have no church and – in a number of cases – no Christians whatsoever.

Our Team

Dave and Rhonda

Dave and Rhonda are an empty-nester couple from California.  Dave is a wise, experienced discipler who has a brilliant mind for creating and adapting technologies that can be used in community development.  He built a well drilling rig from scratch and is now working to use it to employ Christian leaders in need of a way to support their families.  Rhonda is a nurse who is great at connecting with women and speaking into their lives.

Nick and Sarah

Nick and Sarah A are a newlywed couple in their 20s.  Nick is from California, and Sarah is from Indiana.  Nick has built relationships with and discipled a number of local guys.  He and Sarah have a heart for intercession and for mobilizing local believers to transform the spiritual reality.  Sarah is a nurse and is preparing to become a mom as she and Nick are expecting their first child in the fall of 2010.

Sarah S

Sarah S is a gal in her 20s from Nebraska.  She is the newest member of our team and, as such, has been living in a village in order to learn Spanish and adapt culturally.  She is a natural at crossing cultures and has embraced the village life.  In exchange for the village giving her a place to live, she has been teaching English each afternoon to elementary students, junior high students, and adults.

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