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Can a movie really save a life?

Jaeson Ma points us to the Bella 10 movement. I have not had the opportunity to see the movie Bella, but I know just a bit about it from my dad, who works with Dennis Rainey’s organization, Family Life. It’s exciting to hear how God is using this movie for His purposes. Check it out and spread the word!

Check out Jaeson’s blog to hear about a number of other exciting things that God is doing. On that note, for those who are burned out, disillusioned, or worried that the Christian movement is very slowly dying in North America, don’t despair! God is moving in many powerful ways, although He’s not always using the traditional structures that we might expect. You might have to look in some unconventional places to find Him. Instead of griping about His bride, pray hard, seek His face, and find out what He wants to do for His kingdom through YOU!