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16 questions to see if you’re living a wasteful life

Check out these questions shared by Jaeson Ma from the book Happy Are You Poor: The Simple Life and Spiritual Freedom by Thomas Dubay.

How to Know if You are Wasting Your Life

Read the below questions from Happy Are Your Poor and check your heart to see if you are living a superfluous & wasteful life?

1. By what standards do I determine what is necessary?
2. Do I collect unneeded things? Do I hoard possessions?
3. May I, on Gospel principles, buy clothes at the dictates of fashion designers in Paris and New York? Am I a slave to fashion? Do I live in other people’s minds? Why really do I have all the clothes I have: shirts, blouses, suits, dresses, shoes, gloves?
4. Am I an inveterate nibbler? Do I eat because I am bored? Do the weight charts convict me of superfluity in eating and drinking? Do I take second helpings simply for the pleasure they afford?
5. Do I keep unneeded books and papers and periodicals and notes?
6. Do I retain two or three identical items (clocks, watches, scarves)of which I really need only one?
7. Do I spend money on trinkets an unnecessary conveniences?
8. In the winter, do we keep our thermostat at a setting higher than health experts advise: 68 degrees?
9. When I think of my needs, do I also think of the far more drastic needs of the teeming millions in the third world?
10. Do I need the traveling I do more than the poor need food and clothing and medical care?
11. Am I right in contributing to the billions of dollars spent each year on cosmetics? How much of this can be called necessary?
12. Is smoking necessary for me?
13. Is drinking necessary for me?
14. Do I need to examine exactly what I mean by saying to myself, “I need this”?
15. Can I honestly say that all I use or possess is used or possessed for the glory of God (1 Cor 10:31)? Would He be given more glory by some other use?
16. Do I in the pauline sense “mind the things above, not those on earth” (Col 3:1-2)
(pg 112)

Testimony from Student Church Planting Experience (CPX)

This is old, but it was too cool not to share. Jaeson Ma blogged about the Student CPX, a month-long training that took place this summer to equip college students to plant churches on their campuses. Here is an excerpt from his post:

When we first got there we found out the dormitory we were staying at had a horrible history. Over 700 Native American children were starved to death with disease/famine in the basement in relationship to the American government nearly 70 years ago. The first day, our student missionaries were getting sick, doubting their purpose there, others were hearing voices in the hallways and some even encountered evil spirits in the dormitory. We knew it would be a spiritual battle between light and darkness. We had to come in an opposite spirit of faith, hope and love. So we set up a 24-7 prayer room in the dormitory and began prayer watches on the campus…

Keep reading on Jaeson’s blog to hear the outcome.

College students, watch for another Student CPX next summer! If they do one, the only good excuse for not going is that you’re coming to do a summer internship with GFM :)

Can a movie really save a life?

Jaeson Ma points us to the Bella 10 movement. I have not had the opportunity to see the movie Bella, but I know just a bit about it from my dad, who works with Dennis Rainey’s organization, Family Life. It’s exciting to hear how God is using this movie for His purposes. Check it out and spread the word!

Check out Jaeson’s blog to hear about a number of other exciting things that God is doing. On that note, for those who are burned out, disillusioned, or worried that the Christian movement is very slowly dying in North America, don’t despair! God is moving in many powerful ways, although He’s not always using the traditional structures that we might expect. You might have to look in some unconventional places to find Him. Instead of griping about His bride, pray hard, seek His face, and find out what He wants to do for His kingdom through YOU!