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What really happened to John James of the Newsboys

I, like so many Newsboys fans, was really disappointed years ago when they announced that lead singer John James was leaving the band.  At the time, the public was told that he was leaving for a preaching ministry in Australia.  Well, that wasn’t exactly the truth.  In fact, it was apparently a flat-out lie.

On the stage, John James was enjoying incredible fame and success, but behind the scenes, his life had fallen apart.  I came across this article as it was mentioned in the YouTube comments for the video that’s in my previous post.  It’s a great read.  In the interview, James gives an extremely honest account of his hard fall, the near destruction of his life, and the subsequent work of restoration God has done in his life in the years since.  It’s powerful.

It kind of makes you sick or maybe ticks you off to realize the money-making machine the Christian music industry has become.  It’s amazing the pressure that puts on artists like John James to keep hidden problems of the magnitude of those he was having.  We have that problem throughout the Church, though.  Right Ted Haggard, and all the rest of us who have hidden sin at one time or another because of the shame that confessing it would bring?  I have a lot of respect for John James for coming clean and sharing the truth about what happened and the powerful testimony of what God has done in his life.

Old school Newsboys

Those who know me well know that I’ve been a pretty big Newsboys fan for a number of years now.  Most people started getting on the Newsboys bandwagon around the time of the Not Ashamed album or the Going Public album (with the song “Shine”), if not later.  What not everyone knows is that they actually released three albums before Not Ashamed: Read All About It, Hell Is for Wimps, and Boys Will Be Boyz.  And I’ve also heard that even before those they released an album in Australia that never came out in the U.S., called Revenge of the Wombat, or something similarI’m not positive about that one, though.

I was poking around on YouTube, really hoping to find one of their rap songs off of Boys Will Be Boyz.  If you haven’t heard the Newsboys try and rap, it’s hilarious!  I didn’t find any of their rap, but I did find a good old school song called “Kingdom Man” off of Boys Will Be Boyz.  Yes, that was Peter Furler on the drums back in those days.  This was when John James was still the lead singer, for those who remember him.

YouTube Preview Image