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Won’t get fooled again

I’m learning that one of the jobs of an effective blogger is to point my readers to good material that others are producing.  Accordingly, I would like to direct you to a very thought-provoking post by Alan Knox, entitled Won’t Get Fooled Again.  Here is an excerpt:

Once upon a time, God used pagan prophets and philosophers. How foolish! Not today. Nothing good can come from culture. Today, God wants his people to read Christian books, watch Christian movies, and listen to Christian music. If God has something to say, he would never be so foolish as to speak through a pagan.

Once upon a time, God ate with prostitutes, drunks, thieves, and other malcontents. How foolish! Not today. God has enough good people now that he doesn’t need to hang out with that sort anymore. It would be foolish for God to be found among the dregs of society today.

I don’t want to take away from Alan’s blog traffic, so that’s all I’m going to give you here.  But if you have read this far, I strongly encourage you to take a couple of minutes to click over to his site and read the entire post.