Our Vision


The vision of our church planting team is to see the gospel put within easy reach of every person in our district and for the gospel to begin transforming each community.

Strategic Overview

All members of our church planting team have visas as volunteers with our Mexican non-profit organization, Fishers of Men.  FoM is the vehicle we are using to catalyze a movement of reproducing disciples and churches.  Our plan is for the average person on the streets of our town to know FoM as a work program for life transformation.  We know it as a church.

Fishers of Men will meet the need for better employment by providing steady work opportunities for good wages.  It will involve far more than just a job, though.  We will require those in the program to participate in biblical discipleship, service, family life mentoring, and communal activities.  Those who enter the program will be free to leave at any time.  As key people stick with it and are discipled as followers of Christ, we will help them branch to program out to needy communities beyond our city.  In our discipleship of the members of FoM, we will strategically train them in the things we want reproduced – Bible storying to reach oral learners, mutual accountability, lay leadership, and dependence on the Holy Spirit, to name a few.

FoM will be entirely self-sufficient.  By not depending on outside funds, it will be easily reproduced by those who are trained in the work program.  The kinds of work and service we do will meet needs of this region – drilling wells for water, screening and education for diabetes, more effective agriculture and animal husbandry, etc.

Because FoM is viewed by outsiders as an organization rather than a church, it can provide a church body for its members while flying somewhat under the radar of the local religious movements who would bring opposition.  This helps members feel like they have a group identity while avoiding some of the pressure from others to be more religious.  We will promote unity, however, by readily cooperating with other local churches wherever possible.

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