Our Well Drilling Project

Watch this video for a peek at our well drilling rig and an introduction to our well drilling project. (Or, if you've already seen the video, read on below.)

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If you have a few minutes and really want to understand the details of the well drilling project, read this document.

Now that I understand the project, how can I help?

Glad you asked! First, we want everything we do to happen according to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, not our own plans. Pray that God will clearly direct us each step of the way and that we will be sensitive to His leading.

Secondly, you can invest financially. The work program we're starting must be financially self-sufficient in order to be easily multiplied by our Mexican disciples. For this to happen, we need sufficient startup capital. If you want to know more specifics about the finances, you can find them in this document. The bottom line is that we need to raise $25,000USD to get up and rolling. Thanks to God's provision through a number of generous donors, we have nearly reached that goal! With $25,000, we will be able to launch the business and begin generating income. This should be enough to allow the business to become self-sufficient, though it may take until the end of 2011 for it to actually become profitable and be able to fund new projects. Any further donations will only help us be profitable that much quicker and start creating more jobs and more opportunities to disciple workers through the Fishers of Men work program.

If you've heard all you need and want to cut to the chase and give, click here.

Why is this a good investment?

Because your money can have a very far-reaching impact. What you donate now will help get the well drilling business started. That business (not you), will fund others that can fund others that can fund others...you get the idea. Members of the program who learn businesses through their involvement with Fishers of Men will be equipped to start new projects, recruiting new program members in the process. More people in the program means more disciples made and fewer families torn apart by men leaving to find work. We believe your investment will make a lasting impact on the lives of hundreds or even thousands of indigenous Mexicans.

Click here for financial FAQs and more detailed info on donating. Questions about any of this? Contact us.

Can I help spread the word?

Absolutely, that would be a great help to us! If you know people who might be interested in supporting this project, pass them a copy of the detailed project description, as well as a link to this page.

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