Sea turtles and mahi mahi

Postcard from Puerto Escondido: Wishing you were here…

Our church planting team is taking a team retreat for a couple of days on the coast of Oaxaca, which is a gorgeous place.  This morning we went on a boat tour to look for cool sea creatures and do a bit of fishing.  We didn’t see any dolphins or whales, but we saw a number of sea turtles.  One of the turtles we got to jump into the water with.

The thing that really surprised us was the fishing!  We didn’t expect to catch much of anything, but we ended up catching a bonita and three mahi mahi (one isn’t pictured).  A little restaurant right on the beach cooked up some of the mahi mahi for lunch, and it was delicious.

Wish you were here!  Below are some photos…

CPT in Puerto Escondido

Sea turtle

Tino, Ali, and our guide with a turtle

A beautiful mahi mahi

Our guide with a mahi mahi

Our catch

The prize of the day

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  1. jaime

    Why didn’t WE ever go to the coast of Oaxaca?! That is so beautiful, although I really can’t say the same for the mahi mahi :)

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