Overnight office

Well, I’m on my way to Newark now to meet up with Grant and then head to India! Last night I had an overnight layover. I’m trying to go ahead and get my body adjusted to Indian time, so I just hung out in the airport and got some work done for most of the night. Here was my work station:

Airports aren’t too exciting at 2am:

A seasoned world traveler advised us to not eat during hours that we will normally be asleep in India for a day or two before the trip. I guess it has something to do with your liver putting out stay-awake juices when you’re eating things (to put it in the technical terms of medical professionals). Something like that. So I started that up yesterday, fasting from about 10am to 6pm each day.

We had a good time in Idaho the past few days. We shared for about 10 minutes at one of our partner churches on Sunday morning, then hosted a Mexico night Sunday evening at Erin’s parents’ house and had about 20-25 people come. I enjoyed the Mexico night a lot. Erin and her mom cooked a great Mexican meal of tortilla soup and quesadillas for everyone. We shared for a little while about how things have been going with the ministry this past year and then opened things up for Q & A. It was a lot of fun. Everyone had great questions, and it was neat to give them more of an inside peek at the ministry in southern Mexico.

I got to do a bit of fishing with Erin’s dad and brother. That was cool, because I hadn’t gotten to do any fishing to speak of in about 2.5 years. It was pretty slow with the cold weather, but I did catch one decent brown trout in the Clark Fork river, and Erin’s dad and brother caught a couple, also.

Thanks for everyone who has been praying for our car problems and encouraging us with that. We have our van in the shop now to get the engine rebuilt, and it should be ready by the time I get back from India, just in time for us to drive to Colorado. So that’s good news!

Being in a foreign country most of the year, I’m amazed sometimes at the efficiency in the U.S. For example, this morning I went to get breakfast at McDonald’s here in the airport. I walked up, gave my order, swiped my credit card, and by the time the receipt had printed off they set my entire breakfast in front of me. I’m not kidding, the entire transaction didn’t take more than 15 seconds. Now that’s fast food!

Okay, this is me signing off until next time. I’m going to try and get some blog posts up about the trip while we’re in India, so be sure to check back, or even better, subscribe to the newsfeed or to have new posts automatically emailed to you (see the right sidebar of the home page of my blog).

God bless!