Through the windshield–Texas to Idaho

Here are a few more through the windshield photos from the U.S. leg of our roadtrip:

These windmills all over Texas and Colorado were pretty impressive. Nice to see us doing something about alternative energy sources. Have you seen these things? Anybody have any idea how well they work? They’re pretty impressive. In Lamar, Colorado they had one fin of one on display, and it looked like it had to be close to 20 feet long.

Crossing into Oklahoma

The reason Oklahoma has a little strip of land between Texas and Colorado–no one else wanted it :)

Crossing into Colorado

Wyoming at night

We enjoyed some beautiful scenery while driving through Montana. The photos don’t do it justice.

The Clark Fork river in Montana…and bugs on the windshield

And finally, our destination–Erin’s parents’ house in the Idaho panhandle

Total mileage from southern Mexico to northern Idaho: 3,040 miles
Total drive time: 53.5 hours

7 thoughts on “Through the windshield–Texas to Idaho

  1. davidnagelwyo

    Hi Chris and Erin,

    We are glad you’ve arrived safely in Idaho. We pray your time will be refreshing with family. Of all the beautiful pictures you’ve posted in the last couple of months, none come close to the snapshot of my beloved Wyoming at night. I’ve never seen it quite like that and I almost teared up when seeing the picture. Your photo really captured the contrasts of some of the most beautiful land in America. Thanks for including that photo! Made me homesick…

    Dave from Wyoming :)

  2. chris Post author

    Yep, Wyoming is beautiful even at night! I think that photo was taken very close to Douglas, actually. Sorry for making you homesick…I guess it’s good we didn’t get to take any daytime photos, then.

    See you guys soon!

  3. Chino

    Hey, I’m from Oklahoma! We own that land cause we want to. As you saw, there is a lot of alternative energy going on out there. shoot yeah!

  4. chris Post author

    Hey Chino! I’m glad to hear an Oklahoman who will stick up for the panhandle. Tell ’em to keep it up on the windmills–pretty soon no one is going to be able to afford that oil they’re drilling, anyway.

  5. doug.switzer

    Ahh I wish I had known you were coming by Douglas this time, I woulda at least gotten ya’ll some old coffee from the truck stop. The picture of Wyoming at night does the area justice though!

  6. chris Post author

    Hey Doug! The thing is we came through Douglas about 2am. I think we’ll be back through in the daytime in about 2 weeks, though.

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