The next chapter of GFM

A 6-week trip to the U.S. and being 3 more weeks without my laptop has kept me from doing much blogging lately, but I did want to get this news out:

Earlier this week, GFM announced some very exciting changes coming to the ministry.  In a nutshell, we feel we have now done the bulk of the mobilization work we need to do in Mexico, so we are pulling our Mission Training School and a good bit of our short-term mission work out of here.  We are moving the entire mobilization branch to the U.S. to focus on getting laborers into the 10/40 Window, leaving just our church planting team to continue the work in southern Mexico.  (Erin and I will be continuing with the church planting team here in Mexico, just as before.)

If this has piqued your curiosity and you would like a full explanation of the changes and the reasons for them, check out this writeup on GFM’s website.

I’m anxious to hear feedback on these changes, so leave a comment and weigh in!

I hope to be back with more blogging soon.