Cool medical outreach opportunity

Pray for Dave, Rhonda, Nick, Sarah, and I as we head out early Thursday (today) for a weekend medical outreach.

I’m excited about this opportunity; we were invited by a long-time missionary in our town who set up the outreach for a local Mexican organization. The outreach will take place in a group of Mixed People (pseudonym I use for them) villages just across the border in our neighboring state.

This group of villages is rated the poorest municipality in all of Mexico, and it is also one of the least-reached with the gospel. The villages are very isolated. Though they are only about 50 miles from our town as the crow flies, it will take a 14-hour drive to get there.

The people of the area to which we’re going are much more monolingual than those in our own district. Where we are, all but the oldest and youngest villagers speak Spanish along with their tribal languages. A number of people speak only Spanish. In the Mixed People villages we’ll be serving, though, many people only speak the Mixed People language. We will have some bilingual (Spanish and Mixed language) Christian brothers along to translate for us.

The way we have things scheduled, it will take us Thursday and Friday to get to “Rivertown”, the village where we’ll be set up. Saturday and Sunday will be the days of medical consultation. Monday we’ll make the long trip back to our town, hopefully arriving late Monday night.

Please pray for safe travel on some tricky roads to and from the outreach. Pray God’s kingdom comes and His will is done in Rivertown and the surrounding villages, just as it is done in heaven. Pray for extra grace for Erin as she takes care of the girls by herself for five days.

If you would like to receive prayer requests/reminders while we’re doing the outreach, follow me on Twitter.

Thanks so much for your partnership through prayer! I’ll let you know how things went once we’re back.

Update: You can read my report on the outreach here.

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