Team or church?

Erin and I had an interesting conversation about our church planting team along these lines. Is there a difference between team and church? We often assume the two play by different rules, but is that how God sees it? Something changes in my mind when I start calling our team our church instead. I find it easier to want the Spirit to lead us rather than grasping for control.

I have a hunch that one day when we know how God sees things, we’ll be surprised. I think we’ll find He never saw a team when He looked at the group of us in Mexico, He only saw a church. I bet we’ll find He never saw Young Life or Campus Crusade or Jews for Jesus, either. He only saw churches.

I can’t think of who to credit (can anyone help me?), but I know I’m not the first to say this: One day, the current church/parachurch distinction we have today will be viewed as an anomaly in church history.

Going a step further, when God looks at our family, does He see a church? What changes if I think of my family as my first and most important church body?

I’m enjoying looking at everything through the lense of church. I’m not talking about the big institution, I’m talking about two or more gathered with Christ as the head and roles and gifts of the Spirit distributed according to the Father’s will.

How about you? What groups could you consider churches? What changes if you see them that way?

2 thoughts on “Team or church?

  1. Guy Muse

    I’ve enjoyed the challenge of reading your last two posts (as well as the one on economics!) about how we view/understand church. To me it goes back to how one defines “church”. We have long gone round-and-round trying to get a clear picture of what ekklesia is. My own thoughts and how we teach this were recently blogged here. If one uses the definition we believe is what the NT teaches then, yes, teams, families, etc. can be churches–if they seek to be what a NT ekklesia. Just my 2-cents.

  2. Chris Post author

    Thanks for pointing us to your blog post, Guy. I like your definition of church there. I always enjoy reading your blog, and would encourage readers here to check out the post and ensuing discussion on the definition of church you linked (as well as the rest of the blog!). If we could only come to see the Church and the kingdom the way God sees it, I know it would blow us away and change us forever.

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