This is church

A few nights ago our team got together.  We sat around on couches in our living room.

We caught up on things that are going on in each of our lives.

We examined passages of Scripture together.

We were greatly encouraged as we shared different visions and prophecies that God has been giving.

We prayed together.

We took communion together.

We encouraged, prayed for, and prophesied over a team member who was trying to discern God’s will in difficult personal circumstances.  God gave her direction and she has since acted according to it.

Our time together didn’t incorporate every possible expression of church life, and it’s not nearly the only model for church.  It is church, though.  Church is not a building, and it’s not a meeting – it’s who we are.  I love the edification that takes place when we meet together with our church family.

4 thoughts on “This is church

  1. Kevin

    I couldn’t agree more. I am blessed to be able to meet with small groups outside the “church building” (restaurants, homes, etc) and it is almost always some of my best church time. We have even built in extended prayer times and fellowship into our ministry meetings, making them feel more like real church, rather than just meetings.

  2. Kevin

    I think what I like best is the opportunity for the Holy Spirit to minister more effectively. As you begin to know people better, via small groups, the Spirit in each of us developes a better sensitivity towards how best to pray, counsel, minister, etc., to one another. God has given the church the Holy Spirit to effectively be the church, and without small groups we are quenching the flow of the Spirit in our lives together as the body of Christ. But hey, I am also very practical. Small groups usually include food…and I’m all about some good food…huh, I mean fellowship. :-)

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