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More testimonies from the medical outreach

The medical outreach we were doing this week is now done.  In the final two days we continued to see God touching people and healing them.  I don’t know how many people were healed, but it was a good number.

I saw God heal the vision of four people in the final two days.  The optometrist was in such high demand that people were arriving as early as 4am (the clinic started at 9 each day) to see him, and we had to turn a number of people away.  Thursday, when a number of people had just been turned away, I invited anyone who wanted prayer to come over.  A few people did, and I and some others began praying for them.  I prayed for three people in a row whose vision cleared up.  I know this because we gave them before and after tests.  Before prayer, we would hand them a passage to read from a Bible and they couldn’t see well enough to do it.  Immediately after prayer they were reading even the very fine print of the footnotes of the Bible.  Praise God!!

I was part of praying for three other people in the last two days who had various problems in their shoulders, backs, or legs.  God took away all their pain when we prayed.  One woman had an inflamed lump in her shoulder that Rhonda could feel and that caused her to wince every time it was pressed.  Immediately after praying for her the lump had disappeared and she had no more pain in the shoulder.  God is awesome!

Friday I invited my sister Micah, who is staying with us for the summer, to come along and help pray for people.  She did, and got to help pray for a number of people.  She was very excited (as were the rest of us) when she and Jackie prayed for an older man who couldn’t walk well because his foot was in a lot of pain.  They prayed for his healing in the name of Jesus, and all of his pain went away.  I got to talk with him afterwards, and he was very happy!  He had hardly been able to leave his house recently because of the pain, but now he said he can walk around fine.  He is a believer, but he does not have a church and is very anxious for fellowship.  I agreed to come see him, and I plan to help get him plugged into fellowship.

Once again, I have shared just some of the many things that God did this week.  The best part at the end of the outreach is that we have contact information for a number of people to follow up on.  These are people who said they want to follow Jesus or who are interested in learning more about having a relationship with Christ.  They were touched by God’s healing power, and now they want to know him better.  Please pray that in the coming weeks fruit would come out of the ministry that took place with these people this week.

Thanks for all of you who were praying this week for God to be moving down here.  He certainly did, and we praise Him for His greatness and for His compassion.  Join us in giving Him all the glory!