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Random photos from summer

We have taken a number of photos the past 2 or 3 months that haven’t made it onto the blog. They’re mostly of off day activities, because we don’t get to take a lot of photos of ministry activities for a variety of reasons. I’ll go ahead and share some of the photos, probably in several installments. These first ones are photos we took during summer short-term mission trips.

One day, while mission trip participants were at the tourist markets, Lauryn and I walked down to the main market of our state’s capital, where tons of locals do their shopping. We had lunch at a small torta (sandwich) stand that was tucked into a row of shops:

This is the central park and government building of the capital of our state. We were there during a large annual festival, making that particular week the busiest tourist week of the year:

On an off day, we took our summer interns to see our state’s professional baseball team play:

And here’s a bonus photo of Jenna: